Youth Ministry

PFBC Youth welcomes all youth from 7th thru 12th grade.  
Wednesday - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Sunday - 6pm - 8pm

Please register your student each year so that we may have updated information.  
Click here to register your student.
We offer multiple programs catering to helping students grow in their faith.  Students are encouraged to attend all three of our weekly Bible Studies in order to experience three different ways to engage, worship and absorb God’s Word.

In Matthew 22, Jesus taught us the two greatest commandments; `Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' And the second is like it: `Love your neighbor as yourself.'  All of God’s Word falls under these two commandments.  In light of that, we focus on these three things:

  • Worship – We worship in prayer, in song and in study.  Our student led Youth Praise Team leads us in song each Wednesday night. We teach God’s Word, and we pray. 1 Chronicles 16:23 calls for us to sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day.
  • Discipleship – Though our Wednesday night youth service has a heavy focus on teaching God’s Word, Our Sunday night program focuses in on discipleship and leans more into conversational Bible Study. Sunday Night is geared toward Christians working toward being more Christlike and being effective in their walk.
  • Missions – We love to get our hands dirty. Our PFBC Youth Mission Team enjoys going out and working on projects to show God’s love to the people in our surrounding communities.  Just as Christ loved people, so do we.
Do we play games and have fun? Yes, we do.  We have a giant game room and a full court basketball court that we use every week for all kinds of various games.  Is that our primary focus? No, not at all.  We are here for God.  That being said, we welcome students to come for the games.  Our prayer is that God’s Word will strike open in their hearts a desire to know Him more.

***Important camp info***

Location: Falls Creek, Oklahoma!
Date: June 10-15
Total Cost: $300
Step 1: Register with PFBC Youth Ministry (Due Now)
Step 2: Pay Deposit: ($50 Due Now)
Step 3: Register with Fall Creek for Camp (Due Now)
Step 4: Pay Camp Balance (Due May 26: $250)
As a reminder, this year camp is June 10-15th, at Falls Creek in Oklahoma and I wanted to touch base with all of you with some important camp information. This is a new camp for us and after seeing the schedule, I have realized that it runs all the way thru Friday. That means we will be leaving Saturday morning instead of Friday mid-morning. We will be home between 2-4 PM on Saturday.
Mandatory Camp Meeting
We will be having a student and parent info night on camp on Sunday April 28 at 6PM. We will have food and games after so stick around if you can.
In order to be at camp on time, we will be leaving really early on Monday. To do this efficiently, we are going to have a mandatory “pack the bus night” on Sunday night. That way we can just get on the bus and go on Monday Morning.
  • Sunday, June 9th – Mandatory Pack the Bus – 6pm (1 Hour Tops)
  • Monday, June 10th – Leave for camp 5AM. I know that sounds terrible, but the students can go back to sleep on the bus (they wont) and parents can go sleep for another hour or so before they have to go to work. We plan to get to camp around 2-4PM.
  • Saturday, June 11th – Home 2-4PM
Camp Money Due Date
Camp balances will be due Sunday, May 26th. If you have paid your $50 deposit, then your balance should be $250. If you aren’t sure, text me and I will confirm. You will need to pay us directly via one link and register with the camp via a separate link. You must click both links.
1. You MUST register your student with Falls Creek online ASAP. Click Here to register.
2. Pay Balance by May 26 Select Youth Camp, & make sure to select “Cover processing fee” when prompted. Make a Payment here.
Code of Conduct and Dress Code
The code of conduct referenced in the registration can be found here.
Please review the dress code section in general rules so we don’t have any issues. I will allow students to bring cellphones, but my expectation will be very limited use, especially during Bible Studies and Worship times. Please ensure that your students abide by this. I will go over this more with them before we leave but be prepared that they may not be posting their daily TikTok video. Vapes of any kind will not be permitted. These will be taken up if found and the student may be asked to leave. Make sure your students have a written copy of the Bible with them. Bible apps won’t be acceptable because their devices should not be available during worship times. If your student does not have a Bible, we have some they can use.
Packing List
Don’t let your student forget their bible, socks, close toed shoes, towels, or pillows. These are among the things that I always end up giving some poor student who doesn’t yet know what he/she needs to function away from home. I bring two pillows and extra towels to camp because I enjoy being dry and comfortable. Please help me to stay dry and comfortable by making sure they have everything they need. Please try to limit their belongings to one suitcase/bag
(excluding their bedding.) and one small carry-on with snacks. Make sure they do bring bedding tho. Just about every year, 1-2 students will show up with no pillows or blankets or sleeping bags.
Here is my personal packing list in case you are unsure how to pack. This is not required but for your reference only.
After doing this for years, I make sure I have enough clean clothes so this might be excessive8-10 pair of shorts (1/2 gym shorts and ½ cargo/khaki type)
  • 1 - Pair of closed toed Tennis Shoes
  • 3 Pairs of Jeans or pants (Optional)
  • 2-3 - Bathing suits
  • 10 Tee-Shirts
  • 3 Dressier Shirts
  • 8-10 Pair of Underwear
  • 10 Pair of Socks
  • 4 sets of jammies
  • 3-4 Towels
  • 3-4 - Wash Cloths
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Snacks
  • Flashlight
  • Bible
  • Belt
  • Money/Wallet ( I recommend $20-40 for snacks or souvenirs but not necessary)
  • Dress Shoes (optional)
  • Flip-Flops (Optional, Can’t wear during Rec)
  • Raincoat, or Poncho
  • Trash Bags/Laundry Bag
  • 2 Pillows (Mine! All Mine!)
  • Twin Sheets & Blankey or sleeping bag
  • Teddy Bear
  • Phone Chargers
  • Stun Gun/Taser (Youth Ministers Only
  • Ear Plugs (For Level One Snorers. Level 2
  • Snorers get one of the aforementioned pairs of
  • socks. Level 3 Snorers get the Taser.
We expect to have a great time, and I anticipate bringing every one of your students back home with a deeper relationship with Christ. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for trusting Pine Forest with your precious cargo. We will try not to damage them too much.

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