Our Story

Humble Beginning

In the summer of 1932, families living in the Northwest part of Orange County felt God's calling to start a Baptist church to minister to people in the Pine Forest community. Pine Forest Baptist began humbly on an acre of land donated by The Southwestern Land Development Company. Construction began immediately on a very crude building with a sawdust floor, which provided shelter for the first winter.

This white wood-framed building served the church as worship and education space in the early years.

By the 1960s, God blessed the church, and it outgrew its first worship center, so a brick Sanctuary was built to provide additional worship and education space. 
Rich Heritage

Rich Heritage

The people of Pine Forest Baptist have loved and served the Pine Forest and Vidor area for almost 90 years.
In those years, God has richly blessed the ministry started in 1932.
The church has a rich heritage of local, state and national ministry and missions.

Where We're Headed

We continue to live out “Our Story” at Pine Forest Baptist each day by loving God and loving those around us. We seek God's leadership for new and better ways to serve and minister to our community. We strive to hold faithfully to the message of Christ while using innovative methods to reach a lost and dying world.    

Be a part of our story...

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