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Senior Adult Ministries

Senior Adults

Grace Notes Senior Adult Choir
Tuesdays at 11 am - Adult 5 Dept Room B-101 of the Ed. Bldg.
Grace Notes Choir is on vacation for the summer...
we will resume rehearsals in the fall

    Our 55+ GraceNote Choir meet each Tuesday at 11am in Adult 5 department in the Ed. Bldg. We will rehearse weekly and once a month, on the 3rd Tuesday, the choir will sing at our Oakwood Manor Nursing Home service. We also plan to participate in the GTBN Senior Adult Choir Festival held May 10. Come join us for this fun time of singing and invite others to come with you.

First Tuesday Lunch

    All 55+ folks are invited to “First Tuesday Lunch” on the first Tuesday of each month at 11 am. Join us as we go out to eat at an area restaurant and occasionally a surprise secret excursion. We have a great time of fellowship…so join us!

Sr. Adults enjoy many activities!

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Sr Adults-2 Sr Adults-3
Sr Adults-4 Sr Adults-5
Sr Adults-6 Sr Adults-7
Sr Adults-8

Oakwood Manor Nursing Home Service

    Everyone is invited to our monthly service at Oakwood Manor Nursing Home on the third Tuesday of each month, at 10 am. We sing familiar hymns, have a brief devotional, and greet the residents who come to the service. They always enjoy having “company” to come and talk. If you want to ride the bus with us, we will leave around 9:40. Afterwards, we will go to lunch at an area restaurant.

"Spirit of Hope"

    “On his seventy-fifth birthday Douglas McArthur wrote, ‘In the heart is a recording chamber receiving messages of hope that keep you young; get pessimistic and you grow old.’”      - - Lloyd Cory

    Keep hope in your heart! If you are 55 or better, join us in the Fellowship Room for the Spirit of Hope on the last Thursday of each month at 12 noon for our covered-dish luncheon, interesting entertainment and great fellowship. I’ll be looking for you! - - David Hall

Happy Birthday to each of you!!!

Spirit of Hope

David Hall - Associate Pastor, Education and Senior Adults
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Grace Notes Choir
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Spirit of Hope
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