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Glimpses of Glory; Living His Grace
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Click here to meet the Pastor       After the Apostle Paul was arrested in Jerusalem, he spoke of Jesus before the Sanhedrin. Later while in jail, the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: "Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome (Acts 23:10). Notice the admonition given to Paul by Jesus: "Take courage!" This particular verb is only used in the New Testament as coming from Jesus' mouth as something Jesus told His disciples to relate. "Take courage" is uniquely associated with Jesus command to us! "Take courage" is something we all need to hear in our lives.
      Paul heard these words while alone in a prison cell. The woman with a long history of sickness was told by Jesus to "Take heart, daughter" (Matthew 9:22). As Jesus walked on the water to rescue His disciples frightened by a storm, He said "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid" (Matthew 14:27).
      What is it in your life today that needs to hear these wonderful words, "Take courage"? If you're struggling with illness "Take courage." If you're trying to rebuild your house or deal with a personal failure, "Take courage." As Christians we are commanded by Jesus to always have courage because He is near and with us. Jesus is our source of victory and confidence in all of life's challenges. Yes, we still will struggle and face trials, but we can face these with courage!
      P.S. To see where this verb is used in the New Testament, see: Matthew 9:2, 22; 14:27; Mark 6:50, 10:50; John 16:23; Acts 23:11.

Priority 1

      Priority 1 is to seek and save lost souls! Invite people to Bible Study and Worship every week. Continue building spiritual relationships with those who need Christ in their lives. Pray about what you can do today to help someone come to know Jesus. Make it your Priority 1 this year! Who will be your "1" this year? God cares about people who need a saving faith in Jesus. Also, be in prayer for the Northwestern Caribbean Baptist Theological Seminary in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Over the next five years, our church is partnering with these folk to help train and educate pastors and ministers in this area.
      Hope to see you in church this Sunday,

      Dr. Stephen Dollar

Click here for prayer requests

    Pine Forest Baptist Church has established a PRAYER REQUEST LINE you may call.  If you have a special prayer need, even one that might be confidential, you may call the church at 786-1575 or send a request by clicking HERE.  A ministry assistant will take your information and notify a special group of prayer warriors by e-mail of your special prayer needs.

Sermon Titles for Morning Worship Services
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January 7 Happy New Year!
(Psalm 1) - Dr. Dollar
January 14 A Time for Everything
(Ecclesiastes 3:1-14) - Dr. Dollar
January 21 God's Secret of Contentment
(Philippians 4:10-14) - Dr. Dollar
January 28 The Boy Jesus at the Temple
(Luke 2:41-52) - Dr. Dollar
February 4 Prepare the Way for the Lord
(Luke 3:1-18) - Dr. Dollar
February 11 The Life of Jesus: His Baptism and Temptation Experience
(Luke 3:21-4:13) - Dr. Dollar
February 18 The Life of Jesus: Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth?
(Luke 4:14-30) - Dr. Dollar
February 25 The Life of Jesus: Calling the First Disciples
(Luke 5:1-11) - Dr. Dollar
March 4 The Life of Jesus: Peter's Great Confession
(Luke 9:18-27) - Dr. Dollar
March 11 The Life of Jesus: The Last Supper
(Luke 22:1-34) - Dr. Dollar
March 18 The Life of Jesus: Gethsemane and Jesus' Arrest
(Luke 22:39-53) - Dr. Dollar
March 25 It's Still the Cross
(Luke 22:54 - 23:49) - Dr. Dollar
April 1 Foolish or Faithful?
(Luke 24:25-27) - Dr. Dollar
April 8 Beyond the Resurrection: A Great Gospel and Great Commission
(Luke 24:44-53) - Dr. Dollar
April 15 Beyond the Resurrection: Great Power for Living
(Acts 1-2) - Dr. Dollar
April 22 Beyond the Resurrection: Great Power in Praying
(Acts 4:1-31) - Dr. Dollar
April 29 "...But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."
(Joshua 24) - Dr. Jason Burden
May 6 God's Ministering Family: Aquila and Priscilla
(Acts 18) - Dr. Dollar
May 13 God's Blue-Print for the Family
(Ephesians 5:22 - 6:4) - Dr. Dollar
May 20 Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Eighteen
(Proverbs 3:5-6) - Dr. Dollar
May 27 Remember
Genesis 8:1, Exodus 2:24, Joshua 4:7, Psalm 42:6, Deuteronomy 8 - Dr. Dollar
June 3 Lord of the Harvest
(Matthew 9:35-38) - Dr. Dollar
June 10 God's Manna from Heaven
(Exodus 16) - Dr. Dollar
June 17 The Loving Father
(Luke 15:11-31) - Dr. Dollar
June 24 The Syrian Waterboy
(2 Kings 5:1-14) - Rev. Mike Wood
July 1 Lessons Jesus Taught His Disciples: Our Needs
(Matthew 14:13-21) - Dr. Dollar
July 8 Lessons Jesus Taught His Disciples: Our Worries
(Matthew 6:25-34) - Dr. Dollar
July 15 Lessons Jesus Taught His Disciples: Our Storms
(Matthew 14:22-36) - Dr. Dollar
July 22 Lessons Jesus Taught His Disciples: Our Calling
(Matthew 16:13-20) - Dr. Dollar
July 29 Lessons Jesus Taught His Disciples: Our Faith
(Matthew 17:14-21) - Dr. Dollar
August 5 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "God is at Work in You"
(Philippians 1:1-6) - Dr. Dollar
August 12 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "The Power of Grace"
(Philippians 1:7-11) - Dr. Dollar
August 19 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "To Live is Christ"
(Philippians 1:12-21) - Dr. Dollar
August 26 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "Stand Firm"
(Philippians 1:22-30) - Dr. Dollar
September 2 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "What Jesus Did for Us"
(Philippians 2:1-11) - Dr. Dollar
September 9 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "Holding Forth the Word of Life"
(Philippians 2:12-18) - Dr. Dollar
September 16 A New Look at an Old Mandate
(Genesis 1:28) - Dr. Brent Ray
September 23 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "God's Use of People"
(Philippians 2:19-30; Isaiah 30:21; Acts 16:9-10) - Dr. Dollar
September 30 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "Knowing Christ Jesus"
(Philippians 3:1-11) - Dr. Dollar
October 7 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "Pressing Toward the Goal"
(Philippians 3:12-16) - Dr. Dollar
October 14 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "Stand Firm!"
(Philippians 3:17-4:1) - Dr. Dollar
October 21 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "The Peace of God"
(Philippians 4:5-9) - Dr. Dollar
October 28 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "God's Secret of Contentment"
(Philippians 4:10-14) - Dr. Dollar
November 4 Philippians, God's Letter of Joy: "My God will meet all your needs"
(Philippians 4:15-20) - Dr. Dollar
November 11 Spread the Word!
(2 Thessalonians 3:1-5) - Dr. Dollar
November 18 Ten Percenters
(Luke 17:11-19) - Dr. Dollar
November 25 Why Jesus Came or Doesn't He Know What Time of Year It Is?
(John 10:10b) - Mike Wood
December 2 The Word Became Flesh
(John 1:1-14) - Dr. Dollar
December 9 To Us a Child is Born
(Isaiah 9:1-7) - Dr. Dollar
December 16 Peace on Earth
(Luke 2:13-20) - Dr. Dollar
December 23 A Savior has Been Born
(Luke 2:1-12) - Dr. Dollar
December 30 A Time for Everything
(Ecclesiastes 3:1-14) - Dr. Dollar
January 6 Missions in Madagascar, God is Doing Wonderful Things
Adam & Suzie Hailes (Southern Baptist Missionaries to Madagascar)
January 13 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Preparing for Service
(1 Kings 19, 2 Kings 2) - Dr. Dollar
January 20 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Living with Hope
(2 Kings 3) - Dr. Dollar
January 27 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Obeying When Your Life is Empty
(2 Kings 4:1-7) - Dr. Dollar
February 3 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Learning Humility
(2 Kings 5) - Dr. Dollar
February 10 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: An Axhead Floats
(2 Kings 6:1-7) - Dr. Dollar
February 17 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Open Your Eyes to See
(2 Kings 6:8-23) - Dr. Dollar
February 24 You Are the Salt of the Earth
(Matthew 5:13) - Rev. Ben West
March 3 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Tell the Good News
(2 Kings 7) - Dr. Dollar
March 10 The Great Commission
(Matthew 28:16-20) - Dr. Dollar
March 17 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Repairing the Temple
(2 Kings 12) - Dr. Dollar
March 24 Elisha, God's Mighty Prophet: Obedience to God's Word
(2 Kings 13:10-25) - Dr. Dollar
March 31 Broken and Spilled Out
(John 12:1-11) - Dr. Dollar
April 7 Jesus Predicts His Death
(John 12:20-36) - Dr. Dollar
April 14 From Triumph to Tragedy
(John 12:12-19; 19:16-37) - Dr. Dollar
April 21 The Empty Tomb
(John 20:1-18)) - Dr. Dollar
April 28 am (Revival) Holding on to the Church!
(Ephesians 1:15-23) - Dr. Randy Von Kanel (Pastor Randy)
April 28 pm (Revival) Holding on to the Cross!
(Luke 9) - Dr. Randy Von Kanel (Pastor Randy)
April 29 pm (Revival) Holding on to Holiness!
(Ephesians 4) - Dr. Randy Von Kanel (Pastor Randy)
April 30 pm (Revival) Holding on to Eternity!
(2 Peter 3) - Dr. Randy Von Kanel (Pastor Randy)
May 1 pm (Revival) Holding on to His Word!
(Luke 24) - Dr. Randy Von Kanel (Pastor Randy)
May 5 Revival Survival
(2 Timothy 1:1-12) - Dr. Dollar
May 12 As for me and my house...
(Joshua 24:14-15) - Dr. Dollar
May 19 Building for Your Future
(1 Corinthians 3:9-17) - Dr. Dollar
May 26 Remember
(Psalm 42) - Dr. Dollar
June 2 Abraham: Man of Faith
(Genesis 12, 15) - Dr. Dollar
June 9 Abraham: Man of Intercession
(Genesis 18-19) - Dr. Dollar
June 16 Abraham: Faith that is Tested
(Genesis 22) - Dr. Dollar
June 23 Abraham: Marks of a Good Servant
(Genesis 24) - Dr. Dollar
June 30 Walking with the Lord
(Luke 24:13-35) - Dr. Dollar
July 7 Do Not Forget the Lord
(Deuteronomy 8:1-20) - Dr. Dollar
July 14 Accomplishing the Purposes of God
(2 Samuel 7:1-28) - Dr. Dollar
July 21 Be Strong in the Lord
(Ephesians 6:10-20) - Dr. Dollar
July 28 The Life of Christ: His Baptism and Temptation Experience
(Matthew 3:13-4:11) - Dr. Dollar
August 4 The Life of Christ: His Call to the Disciples
(Matthew 4:18-22) - Dr. Dollar
August 11 The Life of Christ: His Greatest Sermon
(Matthew 5-7) - Dr. Dollar
August 18 The Life of Christ: His Miracles
(Matthew 8:1-27) - Dr. Dollar
August 25 The Life of Christ: His Heart for the Lost
(Matthew 9:35-10:20) - Dr. Dollar
September 1 The Life of Christ: His Comfort for the Struggling
(Matthew 11:28-30) - Dr. Dollar
September 8 The Life of Christ: His Church
(Matthew 16:13-28) - Dr. Dollar
September 15 The Life of Christ: His Triumphant Entry
(Matthew 21:1-11) - Dr. Dollar
September 22 Words of Hope
(Matthew 8:23-27) - Dr. Dollar
September 29 The Life of Christ: His Cup of Agony
(Matthew 26:36-46) - Dr. Dollar
October 6 The Life of Christ: His Death
(Matthew 27:27-66) - Dr. Dollar
October 13 The Life of Christ: His Resurrection and Ascension
(Matthew 28:1-20; Acts 1:1-10) - Dr. Dollar
October 20 The Life of Christ: His Commission
(Matthew 28:16-20) - Dr. Dollar
October 27 How Can I Rejoice in Trials?
(James 1:2-12) - Dr. Dollar
November 3 Learning to Live by Faith: Abraham was a Man of Faith
(Genesis 12, 15, 17) - Dr. Dollar
November 10 Learning to Live by Faith: Joseph Grew in His Faith
(Genesis 39-41, 50) - Dr. Dollar
November 17 Learning to Live by Faith: Joseph Stepped Up to a Challenge
(Joshua 1) - Dr. Dollar
November 24 Learning to Live by Faith: Martha Put Her Faith to Work
(Luke 10:38-42, John 11:1-45) - Dr. Dollar
December 1 Co-Workers in Christ Jesus
(Romans 16:3-5) - Dr. Jim Turnbo
December 8 God's Plan to Save Us
(Matthew 1:1-25) - Dr. Dollar
December 15 The Day that Forever Changed Mary's Life
(Luke 1:26-45) - Dr. Dollar
December 22 The Greatest Christmas Present
(Luke 2:1-20) - Dr. Dollar
December 29 Showing Up Late for Christmas
(Matthew 2:1-23) - Dr. Dollar
January 5 How to Have a Happy New Year
(Matthew 6:19-34) - Dr. Dollar
January 12 Light for Your Journey
(John 1:1-18) - Dr. Dollar
January 19 Jesus' First Miracle
(John 2:1-12) - Dr. Dollar
January 26 Winter Bible Study
(Philippians) - Dr. Harry Lewis
February 2 How Do I Know I'm Saved?
(John 6:60-71) - Dr. Dollar
February 9 The Healing of the Blind Man
(John 9:1-41) - Dr. Dollar
February 16 The Good Shepherd
(John 10:1-30) - Dr. Dollar
February 23  = =  One Man Died for Many
(John 11:45-57) - Dr. Dollar
March 1  = =  Lifting Up Jesus
(John 12:20-36) - Dr. Dollar
March 8  = =  Jesus' Lesson on Servanthood
(John 13) - Dr. Dollar
March 15  = =  Let Not Your Hearts be Troubled
(John 14) - Dr. Dollar
March 22  = =  The Arrest and Trials of Jesus
(John 18) - Dr. Dollar
March 29  = =  Sermon Title
(Scripture to be announced) - Dr. David Hardage (BGCT)
April 5  = =  Palm Sunday: Jesus Crucifixion
(John 19) - Dr. Dollar
April 12  = =  Easter: Up from the Grave He Arose
(John 20) - Dr. Dollar
April 19  = =  So Send I You
(John 20:19-23) - Dr. Dollar
April 26  = =  Sermon Title
(Scripture to be announced) - Guest Preacher


Read the Bible through in a year!

    Many of our members have chosen to participate in the "Read the Bible Through" project. In one year you too can read the entire Bible. It takes only about 15 to 20 minutes a day. Just think, you can read every word of God's message to us contained in Old and New Testaments. There are no other testaments or books of doctrine that are from God, just the Bible. Make this year the time your life changed! If you would like to view or print the reading schedule, Click here for "Read the Bible Through in a Year.pdf" (76kb)

- Or -
"Read Through in Two"!

    You may choose a new way of reading the whole Bible. It's called "Read Through in Two." The pace is not as fast and you can spend more time on readings you enjoy. Start a New Year out right. Begin your daily reading of God's Word! You may view and download the Bible readings for the year by clicking here "Read Through in Two.pdf" (162kb)

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