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PFBC Military Family

United States Army United States Marines United States Navy United States Air Force United States Space Force United States Coast Guard

Barry Allen Andy Anderson
Don Astley Donald Astley
Scott Bagwell Mark Barker
Roy Barker, Sr. John Broom
Marcus Buckley Charley Byars
Fred Carter Chad Cassell
Chris Caver Tommy Coggins
Joe Coleman Owen Connelly
Bill Cooper Raleigh Crump
Josh Crumpton Jim Dawson
Rodney DeLoach Gil Dennis
Don Dillard Joe Dorsey
Earl Douglas Ronnie DuShane
Will DuShane Tommy and Billy Elliott
Bill Fair Jimmy Ferguson
Brandon Finley Trent Finley
Emil Fischer Carl Flint
Bob Freasier Johnnie Gall
Kenneth Hagler Fred Hall
Jerald Hall Maurice Hall
Ralph Hall Newt Hodges
Michelle Hoffman Kimberly Hoffpauir
George Hogg Eddie Johnson
Gaylon Jones, Sr. Luther Jones, Sr.
Thomas Jones Wesley Jones
Bill Jordan George Knight
Joe Lacy Robert Langford
Bubba Lawrence David Lawrence
William Lawrence Cyril Lindsey
Oscar Lout Nemo Lovelady
Aaron May Matthew May
Jessie McKinley Cecil McLaughlin
Ron Merrell Shawn Molina
Arnold Morris Weldon morris
Dub Morse Aubrey Murphy
Michael Nash William Norris
Harold Osman Max Oxley
Courtney Parks James Parks
Walter Parks Don Poole
Ray Quave Herman Rachal
Tim Reid Larry Rhodes
Vergil Rhodes Dale Roberts
Wany Roberts Robert Rodriguez
James Rollins Herman Sarver
Aubry Shafer Chris Shafer
G.T. Sharp Dale Sharpe
Chester Wilson George Smith
Robert Smith Jimmie Smith
Steven Spann Jack Springli
Ronnie Stephens Olen Taylor
Pistol Thomas Bill Thomas
Tommy Thompson Garry Trinkle
Carden Tristan Everett Trumble
Max VanFleet Crystal Watson
C.J. Welch Stephen Welch
Conway West Eric West
Joel West Kenneth West
Wilmer West Brandon Wilkinson
Charles Wilkinson, Jr. Charles Wilkinson, Sr.
Coleman Wilkinson Wesley Wilkinson
Claude Williamson Goober Williamson
Paul Wood Melton Wyatt
Nelson Wyatt Charles Young
Clark Young Monty Young
Military Family Military Family

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