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Global Hunger Relief Bread for Life

Global Hunger Relief

    The word hunger means different things to different people. For the world's privileged, it's the awareness to begin thinking about our next meal. But for more than 900 million people, hunger is the grinding pain of an undernourished body, or the listless limbs and blank expression of a child without food. That's about one in every eight persons.
    Do we give hunger the attention it deserves? We shake our heads in pity when we see news reports of people displaced by natural disasters around the world. We scour our pantries when the church conducts a food drive for the needy closer to home, looking for canned goods we bought on a whim but know we'll never use. Yet through gifts to Global Hunger Relief (formerly the World Hunger Fund), many Southern Baptists are providing missionaries and volunteers the resources to feed those in need.
    One hundred percent of every donation to Global Hunger Relief is used to meet hunger needs in North America and around the world. The message of Christ's love is shared as an intentional part of every ministry. There is an urgency to pray, to give, and to minister on behalf of those who are hungry - both physically and spiritually.

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