PFBC response to covid-19Pine Forest Baptist and the
COVID-19 Coronavirus

    - In light of recent government recommendations:
    1) PFBC church offices are open as of Monday, May 4, 2020. We're still practicing social distancing and other recommendations however, all other buildings are closed to activities at this point and no buildings are available to be reserved for activities until further notice.
    2) Beginning Sunday, May 17, Drive-In Church will continue at the new time of 10:00 am, along with Face Book Live-Streaming.
    3) Beginning May 17, we will resume meeting inside our Worship Center at 11:00 am while continuing to practice social distancing and other recommendations. We will continue Drive-In Church services at the new time of 10:00 am in the north parking lot for persons not yet comfortable with social contact in a large group. We pray that these worship opportunities will meet the needs of worshippers of all ages. Sunday Bible Study and child-care will not be available until a later date.

    ♦ Your PFBC ministerial staff continues to meet, discuss, and implement our responses and precautions in regard to the Coronavirus.
    ♦ In order to keep us all healthy and safe, for the next several weeks we will temporarily have "Drive-In" Church on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am on the north parking lot. Enter and park your vehicles in rows facing the Preschool Building/Welcome Center. You will remain in your cars and tune your radio to FM 103.1 to hear the service. There will be music and Dr. Dollar will be preaching from a platform in front of or under the Preschool drive-through. The service will last about 30 minutes each Sunday.
    ♦ You may view the adult Sunday Bible Study lesson or the children's lesson on YouTube each week for the next several weeks. You may go online on your computer, tablet, or phone to Type in Pine Forest Baptist Vidor Bible Study and click on either of the lessons. You may also go to and click on either the adult or the children's Bible study links to go directly to the studies.
    ♦ What can you do? Many lost people are open to spiritual conversations during this time of uncertainty. God's people must share the Good News of salvation through Christ in and out of season. Your neighbor may be eager to hear about your source of hope!
    ♦ Pray strategically through asking God for an end to the spread of the virus, for the healing of all sickness, the safety of health care professionals and first responders, and for God to send revival through His people that we might boldly and lovingly share our faith.
    ♦ You may want to give your tithes and offerings online. You can do this by going to home page and clicking on the link to "give." You can also mail-in or bring your tithes and offerings to the church office.
    ♦ Finally, practice preventive personal hygiene by keeping your hands always clean and away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.

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